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Neo Angle Shower Glass

The perfect alternative to a traditional corner shower. Neo-angle enclosures are practical for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. Clean neo-angle style offers a contemporary look to compliment any bathroom space. A neo angle, or diamond-shaped, shower has three glass sides enclosing two walls. And is most often used as a stylish, space-saving corner shower. Instead of squaring off two glass panels to build out a corner shower, the neo angle design typically includes a glass door placed across from the inner corner of the shower. Then two glass panels on either side of the door return to each wall at 135 degree angle.

To secure the glass panels, the glass is cut and polished on the angle and fitted to angled hinges and metal clips. There are many design variations for a neo angle corner shower. The door placement can move. The door can be flanked by two smaller glass panels for support. The return panels may sit atop one or two half-walls. Overall, the neo angle design adds pizzazz with a designer look and a touch of creative problem-solving for corner showers.

When it comes to glass shower enclosures there are many different types of custom glass shower door styles to choose from. This style of glass shower door comes from two points on the wall and meets in the middle making the whole shower look like a nice neat angle where the glass meets in the corner.

In years past, when someone wanted to save space with a corner shower their only option was a bulky square design. Fortunately for you, glass bathroom solutions of today include neo-angle design glass shower doors and enclosures. Neo-angle glass shower enclosures’ multi-angle design make the most of your bathroom’s space by cutting the corner of a traditional cube-shaped model. The design allows the shower to face the open space in the middle of your room instead of pinning the door next to a wall. Neo-angle glass shower doors afford you more space around your bathroom with no sacrifice to functionality inside the shower. At Fast Glass Inc. we have years of experience serving the glass shower door and enclosure needs of the greater Boston area and throughout Massachusetts.

We make every neo-angle glass shower door and enclosure to order. This allows us to customize your shower glass project to your exact specifications. You can choose from a complete spectrum of opacities and patterns to bring the shower experience of your dreams into reality. Your bathroom is one of the only rooms in your home you enjoy daily. Imagine waking up every morning and retreating nightly to a luxurious shower in your modern neo-angle glass shower enclosure. Discover why our clients recommend Fast Glass Service Inc. to their friends, family and associates for the installation of custom neo-angle glass shower doors and enclosures.

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